Coming Down Naturally

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This download is made for when you've been up too long and cannot wind down to go to sleep. It stops the negative thinking about what you've done, the choices you have made and all of the terror and worry about what you have to do later today or tomorrow. It may or may not put you to sleep (that depends on you and your body and what you have put into it)~but you will get some rest and calm yourself down. It stops the spiraling thoughts and keeps you from making everything worse by spinning into the bad what-ifs. It's not made to be used so that you can use more, it's made to help you come down easily and calmly. Do not use this regularly~it will probably stop working. this download is made for someone who goofed - did 'too' much and/or used again or who doesn't do it or do it often. It really does work.

~ If you're getting this for someone else, you can play it in the background for them. It is made to be listened to with your eyes closed. Do not listen to it or play it in the car (while driving) or doing anything. If you're going to have them listen to it, close your eyes and listen to it with them (or have them put on headphones). It won't 'hurt' or affect you negatively; you may, however, get a clerer understanding of what is going on in their head, how to help them and what to say. 

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