Performance Anxiety: It's been too long!

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Eek! It's been too long!!! This download helps you to eliminate negative expectations and/or worries. It gets you in the correct frame of mind, builds your confidence and reminds you that you are in control and focuses you on where you need to be... present and enjoying every moment.

This is good for men and/or women. You may listen to this alone or with your partner. (It's made to erase the negatives and imprint the positives. Enjoy!)

If it's been awhile (same person or a different one) and you're nervous at all, this is fabulous. You only need to listen to this if you're feeling doubtful or icky. If you're looking for something to listen to over and over, try The Perfect Outcome or We Fit Together Perfectly. They're great for visualizing and programming what you want. 

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