I Don't Deserve ______

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Do you punish yourself or put yourself in compromising situations? Or if you've ever caught yourself wondering why someone would help or love you, or simply saying to yourself I don't deserve ____, then this download is for you!

It'll help you get to the bottom of why you think that way (and stop it completely), help you realize that you don't have any control over other people or what they are thinking or doing, that you don't have to punish yourself for anything you've done in the past, eliminate negative people and influences, sets up good boundaries in your life, withhold or take anything away from yourself and that you can have whatever you desire.

It's about consciousness, Right Action and programming. At the end, it reinforces you making good choices for you, using the Light of your Spirit to guide you and stay on your Golden (Higher) Path. You'll remove your blocks and even get a glimpse of your future!

Happy Erasing those old paradigms and habits!

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