Talking About Your Feelings: Reprogramming Set

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This is a fabulous set for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills when it comes to how they feel, what they want and what they need. You'll be able to express yourself effortlessly, comfortably and train yourself to talk about anything and everything that comes up for you.

This set comes with three downloads:
Talking About Your Feelings:  This download reprograms you and helps you talk about anything that's uncomfortable, negative or 'bad'. You'll erase and replace those worried thoughts and empower yourself.
Talking About Good Feelings: Sometimes it's hard to say nice things (to yourself and others) because of fears, feeling vulnerable or not knowing how to say what you mean. This session helps you talk about all of the good feelings that you have.
Talking About Your Feelings Now: This is a very short session (you can do it right before any conversation) that gets you feeling confident and sets you up for success.

All of the sessions reinforce that your feelings are important, that they [you] matter and program you to be able to talk about any and everything that you're feeling. You'll also imprint that you talk about what you need to at the right time, in an appropriate and kind way with the perfect wording for that person/situation. Don't worry, this won't turn you into someone who overshares! These sessions give you options for comfortable conversations that you may have never known could be so easy. Enjoy!

If you need to work anything out in your mind about how or why you're feeling the way you do or figure out what to say, try these sessions:
Talking About Your Feelings Guided Meditation
Talking About Your Feelings Sleep Hypnosis
They both have different sounds in the background and help you work everything out [in your mind] before you say anything. Be sure to check the sounds in the background (to make sure you like them) and read the descriptions so that you are able to make the best choice for your situation. 

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