Cannabis~Smoke Less Marijuana

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Cut back on how much you're smoking with this download. It's quick and to the point: Smoke Less, Feel the Same (as if you're still smoking the amount that you used to), Save Money and Time, and make it 'no big deal' to cut down on your intake in your mind.
This download cuts you back to 1/2 - 3/4 of what you're used to doing. You'll get the same 'feeling' with 1/4 of what you usually do.
How? Easy. It's your mind and body. It knows what you need (why the drug soothes you) and it [just simply] recreates the feeling for you. It's the perception. This download is to help you smoke less but does include drops and edibles.
If you're not sure where you are or what you want to do, the download is a great way to lead into quitting (if that's what you want). This download goes swimmingly with Cannabis~Quit Marijuana

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