Changing Your Drinking Programs Set

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If you want to quit or cut back your drinking, these are great downloads to start with. You'll change your programs, thoughts and habits that have to do with all types of drinking. You'll never have to rely on alcohol to relax, feel comfortable or change your mood. You'll even forget that you used to need it!

This set comes with two downloads:
1. Listen to this for about a week. It makes cutting back easy and natural. You'll enjoy being sober, feel better about your choices and start focusing on a healthy lifestyle.
2. Start this after the first one has started to kick in. This session helps you forget to buy it, makes it easy to throw it away and/or pour it out and gets you focused on using your time, energy and money more wisely. This session gears you up for a sober life style. If you don't want to quit completely, only listen to this a  couple of times. If you're quitting, incorporate this session with your other downloads.

Yay! for you and your healthy choices! 

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