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Anyone that has had any challenge with addiction knows how difficult it is to cut back, let alone quit ~ for good. That's what this program is for... to help you. Peruse the audios and eBooks, it's all about you getting the support that you need. The great thing about this subscription is that you can pick what you need at the time. And, you have access to it 24/7 [with an internet connection/wifi], so that you can learn to lean on you. Now, you can grab your phone/tablet/computer to listen to a download rather than the ______ that you're trying give up or stay away from. You can do it. You have the will-power to change your life. These downloads just give you that little oomph when you need it. Plus, they are awesome and make you feel great! :)

All of the audios in this program are to help you or your loved one with any Alcohol & Drug Challenges. These audio recordings support any and all treatment, groups and programs that you may be doing. There's a 24 hour free trial, so please try this to see if this can help and support you with your life changes. Make sure that you like it :) Click on the category One Step at a Time Subscription (on the left side) to see what's included in the program.

There's a 24 hour free trial. Be sure you like it before you buy this. If you're interested in one particular download, try it with the free trial. (Be nice and don't take advantage of this.) Click here to see the sessions now

 * This does not renew automatically. You'll have to manually renew it every 3/6 months or if you'd prefer, you can do the yearly subscription and save some hassle and money. :) It's up to you... Do what you're comfortable with. If you're getting this for a loved one, here's the directions for the Gift Subscription

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